Our Vision

We want to provide a space for personal growth by taking time to learn more about yourself. Self reflection through art will only have a positive impact on your life.

We encourage you to let go of the expectation that every attempt should be perfect, only then will you be able to make room for what really matters when it comes to art: Self Expression, Creativity, Exploration, and Self Reflection! Give yourself permission to make ‘mistakes.’ Give yourself permission to take an hour just for you! Give yourself permission to explore through art.

My name is Aaron Scott and I am an art therapist! I work with individuals who struggle with depression and anxiety by finding new ways to build a healthy relationship with these emotions. I am also dedicated to working with individuals recovering from eating disorders, negative body image, and survivors of trauma.
This world can be brutal at times, however it can also give such beauty. I encourage you to take the first step in finding the beauty in your life by reaching out and seeing if this is the right fit for you. You are loved, wanted, appreciated and deserving of a beautifully intentional life!

Founder of ArtSpeak

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