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  • Aaron Scott

Welcome to ArtSpeak

Hey Everyone!!! Chris and Aaron here! We are so excited to have you all visit our blog! I (Aaron) went to graduate school in the Bay Area for Art Therapy. I have since graduated and become a licensed psychotherapist and certified art therapist. Chris is a physical therapist, however with my life revolving around the art world through my work and my personal enjoyment he has been emerged in the world of art.

I brought up the idea of creating a podcast about the benefits of art and Chris was (like always) supportive and more than happy to be involved any way he could. We began brainstorming and talking about interesting topics and perspectives that we could address through these interviews. I knew art was helpful to me and provided me a way to reset my day and I wanted to get others perspectives about their experience with art.

We are so excited to explore this concept and more importantly hang out with cool people and hear their stories first hand. We are excited that you will be on this journey with us! We will use this blog to help provide research and what we discuss during the interviews. Thanks for listening!