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  • Aaron Scott

Why So Much Tequila?

We spent some time with Anh Tran and talked about her influencers as well as her research. She currently works with at risk teens and teaches them about self acceptance and in art there are no such things as mistakes. I brought up a Japanese technique that uses gold leaf called Kintsugi. The gold leaf helps to recompose the fragments of broken ceramic objects.

This technique dates back to the 15th century when a Japanese craftsman was given the job to repair damaged objects, typically making them more beautiful than they originally were.

This technique gives damaged objects an opportunity for change and improvement. The imperfections and wounds of the piece add to the beauty and unique outcome of the ceramics.

Being human allows us to relate to these broken and damaged objects. Often society tells us that there are no room for mistakes, when mistakes give us so much room to grow and improve. Through these obstacles we come out stronger and this adds to our unique stories. We also get to explore these imperfections through art making us stronger and more self aware. I encourage you to find ways to love your cracks and find ways to honor them!